Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

 So it's the first post of 2013! I almost didn't make it. As I left off last week Rob and I had been round to Nancy's for dinner and in the early hours of the morning I got very sick, I was throwing up and couldn't get warm at all. It was the longest night with numerous trips to the toilet. Thankfully whatever it was only last 24 hours, but I did feel like death warmed up.

Rob and I saw the New Year in at home with Anne, Smiffy and some chinese food! We watched some telly until late and some who will remain nameless, fell asleep. I am not generally a fan of New Year's Eve but spending it with good friends was very nice and my kind of evening for sure.

New Years Day I couldn't wait to get the Christmas tree and decs down. It took a while especially the tree as so many of the ornaments were tangled up on there thanks to my lively 4 legged friend. I felt a bit sad for him actually as he looked a bit lost when everything was packed away.

The only other good thing about this past week is Celebrity Big Brother starting. I am already fully immersed into the action and cannot wait to see Spencer and Heidi (Speidi) stir it up. If you have no clue as to who I am talking about, they were in 'The Hills' and I really didn't like them, but I couldn't stop watching them either. After the Hills they did I'm a Celeb USA and caused all kinds of drama on there and although their new housemates are wary of them I don't think they have any idea of of how bad they can actually be...Yay! My only hope is that they don't get voted out too soon. The down side to BB is that they have put that annoying, camp Rylan from X Factor in there who in my opinion looks like Katie Price with a beard!

Dancing on Ice starts today and I cannot wait to watch it. I tweeted Keith Chegwin wishing him well on the ice and he direct messaged me back...He is now officially my 2nd celebrity tweeter.

It's snowing again here today, just flurries but it will add the frozen mess that was left behind from the snowfall we had last weekend. We didn't get the 25 cm as predicted more like about 8 cm I would say. I was going to go out and take some photos today but in all honesty I would rather be warm and toasty inside.

Have you got 2013 pegged?


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