Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crazy Busy!

What a week, I have been flat out at work. All of a sudden, I think my colleagues have realised I am a designer and I have been given all manner of jobs one on top of the other. I have designed an ad to go on a door (as we print direct to doors and we want to display one in the showroom). I have put together a new marketing flyer advertising this service also, I have also created another flyer for some surveying equipment and done a couple of signs for people and a business card for a customer.
I still have 2 new posters to design and some promo marketing for a hockey match. All this as well as keeping on top of my invoicing and training up one of the other girls to do my billing and admin when I am away. The week has quite literally flown past and I was knackered beyond belief come Friday!

That said, the weather was too good to waste on Saturday, a balmy 3 degrees and beautifully sunny. I have been itching to get outside and try out the camera, so Rob and I took a quick trip to Peggy's. I haven't been out there in such a long time. The lighthouse was given a much needed lick of paint back in the summer and she looks so pretty again now.

Today I have been tinkering with the blog a little bit. I have revamped the message forum. It's not as pretty now sadly! My old forum was great, but it was costing me money annually to maintain it as as no one has left a message on it since August 2012, I didn't see the point in renewing it and have opted for a free one instead. It's pretty self explanatory, I think you just have to create a member user name and password. all topics will be under the general folder. There is one welcome message from me in there already. If you get the chance give it a go and let me know that it is working for you. There is a small text link at the top and bottom of the page which you can click on to get back to the blog.
A New White than White Peggy's (Click to view large!!!)

Classic Peggy's The Old Shack and Colourful Buoys


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