Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Week Back

I finally got back to work this week, I staggered in on Monday still feeling below par, and extremely tired. I was happy to have made it through the day. As the week continued my energy levels seemed to get less and less. So many of my co-workers have been struck down with similar virus's and bugs, that to say we have been short staffed is an understatement.

I don't really have any other new this week surprisingly as I have been nowhere and done nothing in the evenings. Some news that should make a lot of you happy though is that due to my illness I have not smoked for 17 days now. I have had some bad cravings, and did try to smoke but it tasted terrible and smelled awful plus I coughed my guts up instantly. I think it's early days to say I have quit as I am a realist, but it is looking hopeful. So maybe this is the one good thing to come out of me getting sick.

Rob and I have been playing catch up around the house, it has been an absolutely tip for weeks now. Nothing has been cleaned due to me getting ill and the washing has been backed up since we got back from our vacation, so now I am back on my feet, some Spring cleaning is in order. Spring...Ahhh, cannot wait, it's just around the corner now and not a moment too soon in my book!! I just hope it's a good one and not a drab extension of Winter as it was last year.

We have a new visitor to the garden, a rather portly squirrel. I have been putting food put for him every day in the hopes he will stick around, and so far so good. Shakespeare goes quite literally nuts when he sees him, he forgets the windows have glass in them and hurls himself at them like a demented stick on Garfield. He bounced off with quite some force the other day, luckily I was there to catch him.

Some of you may wonder what has happened to the deer. They are still around, I see them most days on my way home from work, but they tend to be hang out on the off ramp as you come of the bridge, which worries me no end, most people do drive really slow down the ramp as they know they are there, but they do have a tendency to bolt across the road in front of you at this point.
I guess they have enough grass and greens to forage still as they haven't been on the scrounge around the houses.

Tax season is also upon us again (as if Winter isn't bad enough we have to do taxes as well).
Rob has been working hard on getting all our paperwork up together and I think we are almost there now, so we will be paying that dreaded (long) visit to H & R block in the next week or two.
Fingers crossed we won't end up owing as much as last year. The other thing we have been working on is the claim for the holiday insurance and all the money we had to shell out on those three extra days away. I also wrote a scathing letter to the Airline requesting financial compensation for the the stress and expenses we incurred because of them...I won't hold my breath on that one!

Here are some more photos from our trip!

Under the Palms at Playa Mia

The Definition of Green

The bluest water I have ever seen

Roatan Island Shipwreck Pano (click to view larger)


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