Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekly Round-Up!

Another week closer to Spring...I hope!

So I begin where I left off last week, Rob and I actually ventured out last Sunday to Shubie Park as the sun was shining. I took a few shots mostly of ducks and squirrels. It was nice to signs of life after the long Winter. I loved watching the ducks coming in to land on the (still iced over) lake, some of them had a pretty skiddy and bumpy landing, but there were no major injuries I am pleased to report.

It was Spring break this week here, so all the kids have been off school and the things are generally quiet as families tend to get away, so the week has gone by pretty slowly as business has been a little slower.

Friday the snow made another appearance which I was of course thrilled about...NOT! Still it was only a little bit and it pretty much melted as soon as it came.

I am still off the cigarettes but finding my temper very, very short. Those that know me reading this, will already vouch that I have no patience anyway, but imagine that but three times worse! Poor Rob only has to look at me wrong right now and I am spouting venom.

Saturday night we went out with Anne and Smiffy, along with Anne's friend Kat and a host of other folk (mostly British Ex Pats) who Smiffy knows from the Elmsdale area. We were all meeting up to celebrate Smiffy's birthday and also Kat's birthday which are both this week on Monday and Tuesday. After the meal we went...Bowling! This time there were no embarrassing incidents of Brits putting their shoes on the counter. We ended up bowling Boys vs Girls. As the boys were one player down on the girls, although it looked like we won on paper, we actually lost I believe, however on a positive note, I actually bowled okay this time, even got a spare once...That has never happened before, here or in the UK. It was a highly enjoyable evening and we really enjoyed meeting everyone.
Happy Birthday Smiffy for Tuesday!!

Today I woke up aching a bit from the bowling. I took a trip out with Rachel, the weather started off okay but got progressively colder as the day went on, we went down to Fisherman's Wharf at Eastern Passage then across to Halifax for a wander around. It was so nice to get out and take some photos again, I don't feel I have been doing nearly enough of it lately.

Finally birthday wishes this weekend got to Marjorie!! Happy Birthday!

This duck had the right idea, a sun spot and no ice

A tentative squirrel makes a move towards some bird seed

Fisherman's Wharf, Eastern Passage, taken today.

Fisherman's Buckets in the window of a shack
at Fisherman's Wharf

Some of the bowling posse...Left to right, Kat, Rebecca,
 Me, Rose, Mel & sneaking into frame, Smiffy and Dudley


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