Monday, March 25, 2013

Taxes & Houses

A late update this week, I just don't know where the time went.
I had so much planned around the house and accomplished very little. On both Friday and Saturday night I was up working late on a commissioned logo, it was one of those scenarios where I just couldn't stop until it was done, so as night turned into day I was just heading to bed.

On Saturday we had an appointment to file our taxes at H&R Block. Once again, as last year, we came out scratching our heads and were bloody annoyed at the fact we ended up owing nearly a grand in taxes. How in gods name does this happen?, we hardly have a pot to piss in income-wise and yet we end up owing money. Anyway, that's it now, I think it's fair to say it would be unlikely that we file our taxes there again. I am going to enlist some proper advise from an accountant and find out what it is we are doing wrong.

Any Canadian readers of the blog out there, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on H&R Block via the message board. They charged us $357 in filing fees alone!

After we had finished being fleeced there, we went for a drive around Dartmouth looking at houses. Rob and I have been thinking more and more about buying a house, but have failed to agree on price and style. Admittedly, I am thinking higher end, best neighbourhoods, with no regards to budget or what is realistic and Rob is totally the other end of the spectrum. That said we did find one that we both liked the look of in an nice area that we both like...And that in itself is 'what I call' progress, as I am very particular.

We went back to check out the inside on Sunday at the Open House...I then fell in love! By the time we had finished looking around I had practically moved our stuff in mentally. Rob reminded me that I was jumping the gun somewhat, to which I got very snippy...As is the norm of late since quitting the cigarettes...Yes I am still off them but going quietly insane, as I have no nicotine release for those stressy situations. 

Sorry, I digressed for a moment there. The next thing we need to do, is find out what we are eligible for mortgage-wise and possibly aim to get somewhere by the end of the year or early next year. The good news about the house we liked is the fact it's a new build and if it sells in the meantime we could have one built the same in the same area as they are still expanding that subdivision.

As Easter is around the corner here's some edible offerings

You gotta love edible props!


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