Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Right Rural Outing

Busy week this week, once again I been working late on various projects, I really don't mind if it means bumping up my time off, always a good thing in my book.

Wednesday I went to the camera club, had a catch up with a few people. I must confess I love seeing everyone there, but sometimes it gets a bit hectic trying to get round everyone and cram the conversations into a short space of time. I found the content of the meeting to be utterly boring this week, and nearly dropped off a couple of times as the guest speaker (nice chap) meandered on and on and on about the ins and outs of taking sports/hockey shots. Something I doubt I will ever do much of.

During the meeting Anne got some great news from Smiffy, he finally got a job, so pleased for him as I know the last few months of searching have proved difficult and frustrating. Now he has a job in a position that suits his skill set in an reputable Architects firm in down town Halifax. Well done Smiffy!!

Thursday I went out to lunch with my friend Lucia, who is looking to recruit my services for her firm on a freelance basis for her marketing dept. This is something that I could do as well as the full time job I already have (and enjoy).  I am still undecided what I should do about this as having heard more about what may be involved I am not sure if I am suited to some of the work. I am going to meet her again this week and hopefully find out more.

Saturday I went out with Rachael to ride shotgun on a stakeout...It's a very long story, but basically some guy sold her a car (bought for her teenage son). It had a current MVI (MOT) and looked okay for a runaround, old but in fairly good nick. Well it turns out that the MVI was well dodgy, and the vehicle should not have had a certificate at all, It was stripped of it last week and she is stuck with the car and now needs to sue the fella. She wasn't sure if the address he gave was fake or not, so we went to investigate on Saturday. Turns out the bloke is a complete dumb ass, we found the place, big old garage next to a mobile home with a red truck for sale at the end of the driveway, with details and matching phone number to the one Rachael had for him...Job done, I took some photos and off we went, he will be served with papers hopefully next week.

Today, Rachael, Cheryl and I went out for the day...a long day...We left at 9 am and got back around 7.30pm this evening. I wasn't sure how fruitful the day would be in terms of photographs, we headed for the general area of Truro and deviated a fair few times on route. Found some old homes, one of which we struck gold with as the woman who owned it said we could go inside and take photos...It was so good, peeling paint moldy, bits and bobs everywhere...Great stuff. We also shot a lot of farms including Shady Lane, which was the Farm B& B Rob and I stayed at two years running when we were on holiday here back in 2005/2006. I have always stayed in touch with Betty and John and they were kind enough to let us wander round and also let us up to their old barn in the top field for a poke around. Definitely my kinda day. Loved it.

Now I really need to get some sleep, I think I am wind burnt and so tired! Below just three images from our outing today. More to come next week. Click on the images to view larger in full HDR!

Footsteps on Old Floors...
There couldn't have been a more apt title in the pile!

I think that sofa's going to need a clean!

Home and The Range :o)


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