Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Creative

A super busy week this week for me. I have been working some extra hours and getting to grips with a new project I am working on which involves writing copy and creating images for part of the company website focusing on the printing side of things. It's something I will definitely enjoy doing, but it will take up quite a bit of my time and I have to co-ordinate all the information with other parties involved.

My brother Clive sent across his old Windows 7 smart phone this week for Rob to use as his antique Motorola flip phone was about ready for the knackers yard. After getting over the fact that the dear customs people had opened the parcel and charged him $40 tax on a second hand phone (not bought or reconditioned as the paperwork stated), he then proceeded to try and start using the phone...OMG the ultimate definition of frustration...Rob and that phone! All I heard for the first day was a never ending torrent of swear words, and I thought I was bad with mine! Anyway after a bumpy start he fixed himself up with a plan from Bell and has now got to grips with most of the features. Even took some photos with it yesterday and tweeted one!

Yesterday, Rob and I joined several other camera club members on a field trip to
Baratts (decommissioned) Lumber Yard. It was very cold the wind was biting and we had snow intermittently which was nice...NOT! Luckily most of what I was interested in was inside rather than out. Had a blast with all the left behind tools and equipment all covered in sawdust. Great photo fodder. Would absolutely love to go back there again better weather. Photos to follow next week from this outing.

As the weather has been so crappy lately I haven't really been out and about much, which has made me somewhat depressed and grumpy, although I do believe the not smoking is partly to do with this as well. The good thing to come out of my dark frame of mind, is the fact that it has forced me to be more creative. So I have been turning my hand more and more to indoor photography. You have already seen examples of the Easter collection, next on my list was Cool Britannia, using items that my friend Sarah had sent to me, I created a mini series of UK themed minimal art pieces which I am pretty pleased with (See below). If you are reading this and would like to buy any of my work you can check out my website.

Finally birthday wishes go out to my brother Clive this week. I hope you had a wonderful day!

After the Party

Wooden Heart

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