Sunday, April 14, 2013

Social Media Junkie!

Not much to report this week, mainly as the weather has been crappy again this weekend which in turn has led to me doing pretty much nothing.

Got a call from Lucia (if you remember way back I met her whilst being delayed at Gatwick airport after my trip back to the UK in 2011). In all honesty I thought perhaps her and her other half had left Canada and moved elsewhere, but it turned out she has just been experiencing an unfortunate turn of events which left her out of touch with everyone for a year or so. Anyway, she wanted to know how I was doing and if I would be interested in some Marketing and Communications consulting work for the company she works for. I am of course thrilled that she would think of me, and it would be something I could possibly consider as an extra role to current position on freelance basis. The money would be excellent double my hourly wage now or more.. Just a couple of things to consider...Can I do it? And paying taxes on the extra income...Would it be worth my while or would I lose more than I would gain as seems the norm round here with taxes! I hope to meet up with her next week sometime to find out more about  the requirements.

I have spent most of this week creating signage and marketing material for work, I don't know where the time has gone, I have been putting in some extra hours as well.

On the home front, I have been updating my website and adding to my online presence by jazzing up my Twitter page and my YouTube channel. I think it's now fair to say I am a social media junkie...BUT...I stay firm on my never having a Facebook Page!

2 months today off the smokes...It feels so much longer. In truth I have had a couple of puffs on my more stressy days. I have found that the odd puff (maybe half a cigarette) keeps my angst at bay. But the great thing about this is, one doesn't lead to two ...So I am pretty sure now I can control it and just have to odd puff if I need to. Of course the cravings are still bad, I am beginning to wonder if they will ever subside!

The key to this whole thing is having cigarettes in the house...That must sound crazy right? But that fact is, it's not so much that I have given up, it's more the case that I choose not to and knowing that I have the cigarettes in the house helps. If they weren't there, I think psychologically I would find this much harder. So if anyone reading this is still a smoker and wants to quit. Try it my way...No patches required. Although in the first stages an electronic cigarette is a great tool.

Instead of a whole thwack of photos this week, I have put together a slide show of my photographic endeavours from the Lumber Yard last weekend. I am so pleased with the results from this trip. There definitely is Art in Industry! Also below is a video that I stumbled across on YouTube which cat owners amongst us may find very familiar and entertaining. I am now completely hooked on Simon's Cat.


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