Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Lambs and Sunshine

Apologies for the late update, I just simply ran out of time at the weekend.

Spring must finally be in the air because I did some cleaning :o) Rob and I hung a couple of pictures in the hallway and we finally got round to getting some much needed coat hooks on the wall as well.

Saturday, Rachael popped over. I promised I would give her a quick lesson in Photoshop and prove to her it's not as hard as she thinks...I think I convinced her. She brought her youngest son Dean with her and while we were talking tech upstairs we left him and Rob watching The Inbetweeners downstairs...Just as well she is broad minded and doesn't mind what he watches. I never watched The Inbetweeners in the UK, no doubt I was too busy watching something else on the other side, but now it's on Netflix I have caught up with it and both Rob and I have been in stitches watching it. For anyone reading that doesn't know what it is, I will recommend it to you, but only if you are not offended easily!

Sunday Anne, Smiffy and I went out for the day. Rob stayed at home (he was invited, just in case you were wondering), but wanted to stay home to study for his up coming Gas exam in May. The weather on Sunday was positively gorgeous, beautifully sunny without a cloud in the sky and the temperature reached the heady heights of 17 degrees. I think we might have finally turned a corner on the weather front. Anyway, Anne, Smiffy and I headed out to visit a work colleague of Anne's. Doug and Heidi have a hobby farm in the Avondale area, although I am not sure I would call it a hobby with 100 acres to deal with...(They have jobs in the city as well!) We went to see there to see the new lambs that have just been born and just how adorable were they!!?? Very lively and nibbley thinking were were going to bottle feed them :o) We spent ages taking photos in the barn (most of which were a shambles on my part sadly, I got more blur than sheep for the most part). It was great fun.

Upon leaving there (quite sometime later) we headed to a spot that Smiffy new for lunch, a rather odd little 'one shop does all' kind of a place, it's a B&B, Gift/Craft shop, restaurant and hardware shop. The food was very good, homemade and tasty. As we were leaving I needed to use the loo and wandered through the hardware shop to get to it, on my return I was admiring a garden rake (I don't have one and there are a lot of leaves in the back yard (to date I have always borrowed one from neighbours and friends). The owner shouted out to me I could have it as she was getting rid of the hardware shop...I was thrilled, and proceeded to pick up a broom and asked her if I could have that too, (cheeky....I know)...She said yes...Bargain! While I was there I did also buy 3 wool balls which apparently are revelation when tumble drying. They supposedly cut down on energy by 20% as the wool absorbs the moisture more quickly hence the drying time required is reduced. I shall let you know how that goes when I test it out. I shall leave you with a couple of images of the sheep and lambs. Click to view larger.

Just as cute as can be!

The adult sheep were so friendly and just wanted fussing

What no milk?


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