Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Good Day's Hunting!

Well looky here...It's only 6.14 pm and I am updating in daylight...Shocker.
I am taking a day off today! Pretty exhausted from a long day out yesterday with Rachael on those back roads. We had a very good day's hunting and found 4 old houses, 3 of which we were able to get into, one via a window...again, which wasn't a pretty sight! A couple of the houses had some pretty cool stuff inside and one was extremely full of mould which wasn't at all pleasant, but at least entry was just via a door which was a blessed relief to me and my unbendy limbs!

I was contacted this week by a company in Nova Scotia (they have a gallery and sell posters and canvases) who are interested in working with me and buying my images. I am not entirely sure what it will entail yet or if in fact it will come to anything, but I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted.

Robert took his Gas Theory exam yesterday. All that study for 3 hours work. He thinks he did okay and will find out his results in about 15 days or so. So keep your fingers crossed for him!!

As I mentioned last week, next weekend is the Natal Day Bank Holiday weekend and Rob and I will be camping with Anne and Smiffy, so there will be no update next Sunday, hopefully by Tuesday or Wed I should have something up.

Until then I will leave you with some recent images.

Coat-Hanger. Not staged, found as was in an old farmhouse

Skates of Winters Past - Found inside the front door
of an old Farmhouse

Well ventilated. This old barn could definitely do
with a new roof!

The Old Store at Memory Lane Heritage Museum


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