Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jail Time

Blimey I don't know where the time has gone. I am sitting here hot as hell typing this at midnight and it's annoying me.

I have stuff going on right now that I have no wish to bore people with at this moment in time, so I will just focus on the weekend. It was another scorcher. I did nothing Saturday (just for a change) but following a recent documentary Rob and I watched last week, we bought a 'Magic Bullet' juicer. A pretty impressive little machine that we hope will get some much needed nutrients into my body as I very rarely eat any fruit or vegetables. Since the weekend I seem to have drunk very little else apart from green vegetable sludge smoothies and fruit ones too. I have to confess that the Veggie ones look awful but now we are adding mint, they don't taste that bad. My body won't know what's hit it.

Sunday Rachael and I were back on the abandoned trail and we had a bit of a coup. An old jail we had discovered (through other images and research) was in our sights. It had been on the list for a few months now so we finally checked it out. We honestly thought that (like most of these places) we were going to find the whole place boarded up with no hope of getting in. Imagine our surprise when we found 'a very easy in!' Well I say easy, it would have been a lot easier if I were about 6 stone lighter, but never the less armed with torches ($4.10 dinky ones from a local garage...we were hardly Mulder and Scully), DIY masks, rubber boots, camera bags, tripods a blanket (don't ask) and not looking at all suspicious on a very hot Sunday afternoon we headed inside. My god was it dark in there on the first floor and the smell....I will leave that to your imagination, but thankfully as we worked our way up to levels two and three, the light and the air got much better. We took our shots as quickly as we could and I think I sweated my own body weight in fear. Rachael said I sounded like Darth Vader in my mask! I am not entirely sure my nerves are cut out for this kind of extreme photography hobby!

Relieved to get out, we continued on our way and we found several more houses and points of interest on our travels. In total we did over 5oo km and were knackered today.

That said, today was around 34 degrees I believe and I didn't feel like working all day so I took a rare half day holiday and gave Nancy a ring to see what she was up to, I headed over to hers for a catch up as she has just returned from vacation and we went to the lake to cool off. I spent all afternoon there with her and unfortunately now I am burnt to a crisp. Just hope it goes brown quickly.
No sooner had a returned home a friend from work popped round for a visit and she didn't leave until around 7.30 pm...and here we are! I will leave you with a couple of images from the weekend...
Enjoy!! (click to view larger)

Banged Up...Now that's what I call peeling paint!

Lock up! Scary!

The Old Farmhouse

Welcome to my Country Home...That's what the wallpaper
said inside!


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