Sunday, July 7, 2013

As Hot as the Gates of Hell

Oh yes my friends, those reading this that are here in the Maritimes will vouch that weather here these past few days has been unbelievably hot. Now there's nothing wrong with some sun, but it's the damn humidity that's killing me. Our sweat box of a house hasn't dropped below 85 degrees all weekend, it's impossible to do anything inside apart from sit and fall asleep within about 10 minutes.
I do believe on Friday it was 31 degrees but with the humidity factored in they were saying on the news that it was feeling more like 41 degrees, and I think they were right.

I took a weekend off back roading and caught up on some much needed sleep. The Canada Day Fireworks that were postponed last week went ahead on Friday night, Rob and I popped along to our usual spot and were joined by Smiffy and Anne (plus a friend of Anne's) to watch the spectacle. I thought they were impressive as always but over too soon.

Saturday evening Rachael, myself and Rob headed out to Hansport area to go and see the folk duo Breeze & Wilson. I don't know if you remember my story from a few weeks ago, but Rachael, Nancy and I had been caught poking around some old trucks down the driveway next to an abandoned house we had found. The owner of the trucks and the house and indeed his own lighthouse at the end of the drive, Raye, was such a nice man, and opened up the house for us to shoot inside, when we returned the keys to him he was hard at work down by his lighthouse building what looked like a pagoda of sorts, he had quite a bit to do on it as he had only really finished the base and it had no roof on it. It transpired he was building it to host this folk duo he had coming to play and that he was selling tickets (only 30 tickets), so Rachael and I bought three and couldn't wait to get back there and enjoy the music and the ambiance of the evening by the lighthouse and the sea. It was a wonderful evening, the music was so good (ending up buying all three cd's), Raye finished his...Pavillion the day before, and what an amazing job he had done. Breeze & Wilson are actually from the Midlands in the UK but have a hard core fan base in Nova Scotia. They sprinkled some humor in between the songs which made the whole event even more enjoyable. They mingled with their audience and Rachael and I chatted with both of them, lovely chaps.

Today, I have done nothing, I drank a few beers last night and was feeling particularly sluggish today. The house was once again as hot as hell, so at around 5.30pm Rob and I headed off to the lake for a dip to cool off. Much better...

I think I should perhaps also mention (especially to my friends back in the UK), I have coloured my hair...Not the usual colours, I have gone bright blond...completely blond, no dark hair whatsoever. I think it has shocked a few here (especially at work), and I suspect if you guys saw it you would be a little shocked

Belated birthday wishes go to my firend Kim, hope you had an enjobale day and I hope the new job is panning out well for you.

Canada Day fireworks posponed from last weekend

The Bright Lights of Halifax

Raye's Gorgeous Pavillion/Multi Purpose area :o)

Breeze and Wilson


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