Sunday, July 21, 2013

Long Johns & Pickles

It's that time of the weekend again when I am playing catch up and losing sleep.
It's been another scorching weather week. Yesterday humidity was at 81% and the temperature was around 34 degrees.

Friday night Rob and I went round to Anne and Smiffy's for dinner, the aim of the the gathering was to discuss our up coming camping trip in August. We are going to Kejimkujik National Park for the long weekend together with Anne's friend Kat and her daughter. I am not much of a camper as most of you back home know, but I am really looking forward to it, especially as I have never been to this park before and it is supposed to be very beautiful. We are all just hoping that the weather is as lovely as it is now...minus the humidity of course.

Saturday I spent that stifling day mostly indoors accomplishing nothing! It was one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did! No sooner had I got up Rob phoned me from the supermarket to tell me the brake lines had gone on the car (the Focus), we had to call the CAA and get it towed. Just hope it can be fixed tomorrow. Luckily my work pal Carolyn is giving me a lift into work in the morning. The rest of the day I spent trying to complete updating my online portfolio. It is long overdue and believe me it was a job and a half getting it done. So much faffing about.

My neighbour Christine popped round in the evening, she gave Rob and I a rather lovely lawn hammock that she didn't want as she has no room in her yard for it since she got her swing seat. This was very nice of her and I cannot wait to try it out...maybe tomorrow after work.

Today the temperature was a little better, but with no car and Robert revising for next weeks exam I was stranded a bit, thankfully Rachael came to the rescue and we headed off for a little drive, both of us didn't feel like doing too much, so we drove along the Eastern Shore stopping at Fisherman's Reserve and then onto Memory Lane. I realised today I have been there ever year since moving here.
They seem to be in the middle of fixing things up, but it was looking pretty good today.

We spent a long time wandering in and out of the buildings, and then in one of the barns I found this year's love! Two utterly adorable kittens...OMG they were so sweet. It was the little tabby that really caught my eye, for two pins I would have put him in my pocket. I found out later that they have named him Winston (Churchill) and one of the ladies is taking him home to live with her, but she plans to change his name to Ozzy...I am not so sure about that name, if anything he looks more of an Olly to me. The pretty little grey kitten (no name as yet) is also a boy and needs a home...Anyone?!!

Below are a few of my favourite shots from today. Click to view larger!

Long Johns & Pickles

The Miner's Office

The Old Soak :o)

This Year's Love!
I don't like the thought of them being split up :o(

Winston 'Tiger' Churchill


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