Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ho Ho Ho...Something for the Girls!

Hello....I am still alive!
Sorry to those of you who stopped by on Sunday and Monday to see what I have been up to...Truth is I haven't been doing anything and have therefore had nothing to write about!

The weather is depressing me and even though it was sunny one of the days over the weekend I still didn't do anything. I have a list of jobs as long as my arm that that need doing...but didn't and I keep putting things off, which is actually not like me at all. Since getting our Netflix back up and working...Praise be to the new modem/router thingy, Rob and I have become addicted to the series Breaking Bad. and we have been watching it nearly non stop! If you have never seen it, I recommend it. It is definitely right up there with all of my 'all time' faves now.

Below is a trailer for the series as well as another funny seasonal ad...For the girls.


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