Monday, December 9, 2013

Late Again!

I dunno, I just can't keep up right now.
Sorry I am late again with yet another very meagre update. Still not much to report, I am definitely creeping further and further into Winter recluse mode. I did make it out briefly last week to the camera club, but only for half a meeting, Apart from seeing friends who I haven't seen for a while, which was great, the meeting (well the first half anyway) bored me rigid! I saw Dave next to me nod off at least twice, and I nearly did myself.

The speaker had some fabulous photos, but public speaking definitely wasn't his bag. He was talking about the technique used for creating his liquid art shots (dropology). I was (at the very beginning) quite interested to hear about how achieved the results, but less than 10 minutes in and I couldn't wait for him to stop speaking.

I can't believe it is now December 9th and I still haven't put up the Christmas Tree or any decs. I am undecided about whether to put the tree up at all right now because as you might remember a year ago, my little bundle of fun Shakespeare spent most of Christmas diving in and out of the tree, well one year on and he ain't so little, in fact he is heavier than Hamish, the tree will not survive if he attempts the same manoeuvres this year.

Our first snow came down today, only a few centimetres. When I left work this evening there was a thin covering on the roads, and just that small amount was enough to send the Nova Scotian drivers into meltdown. It took me the best part of 40 minutes to get home (normally about an 8 minute drive). as I crawled along the highway, a spotted a car and a truck on the side of the road who had evidently collided causing a large about of damage to the car...Unbelievable. Then it was bumper to bumper all the way to my off ramp. The only good thing is that now the first snow is out of the way, the driving will get better. The first snowfall seems to throw them completely every time! Overnight the snow is due to turn to rain, ice pellets and freezing rain...Wish me luck in the morning!

I have just finished watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here tonight...What a great year it has been for that show, loved the people in this year and so pleased to see David Emmanuel in the final, shame he lost to Kian from Westlife, although they were both worthy finalists. Steve Davis was for me the funniest contestant this year and who would have known he was such a nice, funny guy (if not a bit clumsy) and not boring at all.

Finally a quick shout out to my friend Sarah, I hope you are reading this Sarah, or perhaps you will in a few weeks when life settles down for you....I hope you landed back in New Zealand safely and the pre-move went smoothly in the end. Cannot wait to catch up with you on Skype soon.

I will leave you with a couple of photos snapped with my phone of my beautiful fury boys! Hamish has a new den and Shakespeare, well, this is his favourite position most nights in the living room...Hard to believe he is so

Super Cute! Click to view larger and cuter!


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