Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let it Snow...and Rain...and Freeze

Yes indeed, we have had some truly awful weather this week which all started last Sunday with the 'Winter Storm'...Well not really a storm but about a foot of snow which made Monday morning a total pain in the arse to get to work hampered by the fact that the snow came down late in the evening and the snow clearers seemed to have forgotten how to do their job properly. The roads were a mess, it was all compacted and really slippy. I know I am not alone in whinging about the the state of the roads, you could pretty much talk to anyone here about the roads this week and they will all say the same thing. I am not sure what the problem is, maybe they have got complacent over the past couple of years where the snow has not really made an appearance until the end of December, maybe they have skimped on the budget or maybe they just don't care, but god knows we pay enough taxes here to get the job done properly. It was typical that I had stuff to do on Monday. I had to get the car to the garage for repair, and after work I had a hair appointment in down town Dartmouth, where the pavements were even worse than the roads, so dangerous to walk on...At least I had my snow boots on and my cleats on the bottom of them. Tuesday it was like driving on ice and finally by about Wednesday it started to get better, we had more snow, not too much thankfully and now we have rain/freezing rain all weekend.

Right, enough weather chit chat, on to more pleasant things...My band Home Free in the Sing-Off have reached the final I am pleased to say. Their latest (non sing off performance) video below, fingers crossed they win on Monday. A few of my favourite shows wrapped up this week, The Voice finished with a massive 4 hours of finale over two nights, which was to be honest hard going with much filling! Strictly finished in the UK with Abbey taking the Glitterball trophy as I thought would be the case, although I really wanted Natalie to win, she should have won based on the show dances alone and finally Survivor finished over hear last Sunday, Sadly no one I liked made the final, but it was a great season.

Note to self...Do I watch too many reality shows?....Nahhh....There is no such thing as too many reality shows in my world. Celeb Big Brother Starts Jan 3rd and Dancing on Ice...I cannot wait!

Rob and I went to Anne and Smiffy's Christmas Open House last night, as always great food and company, we ended up bringing a few snacks home with us including a healthy portion of Anne's mum's famous bean dip...yummy and some home-made jam and peppermints...Finished off the bean dip today. The healthy eating went out of the window yesterday and I guess it might wane a bit over Christmas. This year Robert and I are spending it with Rachael at her place, I am looking forward to the food especially Roast Potatoes, something I haven't had in about 2 years now. In fact the last time we had them was Christmas 2011 when my brother came to stay. Mash potato is really the thing here when it comes to potatoes.

Rob and I have had a lazy day today as we didn't get back till around 1.50 am last night. Nancy popped over for a visit to drop pressies off and catch up as we haven't seen each other in a while. She also brought with her some of her home-made shortbread...Which was very tasty! After she left Rob and I spent the rest of the afternoon vegging out and watching more of Breaking Bad...We are only 3 episodes away from the end of it now and I am distraught at the thought of it being over, I could literally watch it forever. I said a couple of weeks back it was right up there with my faves...Strike that. It is THE best US drama I have ever seen.

Well I guess this is it, my last update this side of Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends and family...enjoy and eat loads! See you on the other side!

Season's Greetings!


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