Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!
I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
I think it's fair to say that Rob and I have been pretty inactive over the festive period, aside from him having to be on call various days. We had some snow (always my favourite...NOT), some of it on Christmas Day.

At least we escaped the ice storms which disrupted so much of Christmas for people in Ontario. Thank goodness they have a stand up Mayor who knows how to sort things out...And yes I am being very tongue in cheek! New Brunswick copped for a load of bad weather too and some people still don't have power there right now either. The last storm we were supposed to get brought us rain, which for me was pure delight. It melted some of the snow and for a few hours was a balmy 5 degrees it then turned bitterly cold again with minus temps and wind chill. Joy oh joy we are due more snow tomorrow night and into Friday. The weather forecasters will be gearing up and getting tremendously excited again at the prospect of possibly uttering the words 'winter storm' once more. I really cannot put into words how much I detest weather forecasters here in the Winter, I don't think it helps matters that they deliver the news with such glee in an upbeat manner.

Christmas Day Rob and I went for a walk round Shubie Park before heading to Rachael's for Christmas Dinner. It was so pretty and very cold, all the squirrels were out and looking for snacks, at least 3 tried to literally climb up us to see if we had anything for them. Dinner at Rachael's was a feast, she warned us she goes overboard with food and she wasn't joking...Fully stuffed with turkey and trimmings we vegged out and watched several DVD's I took over. Older Son Connor and girlfriend Sam were in and out and younger Son Dean was in full attendance. We left late in the evening around midnight and took with us a whole bunch of Tupperware full of leftovers which we ate on Boxing Day.

As far as presents go, easily my favourite gift was a Union Jack foot stool we got from Anne and Smiffy, It has been exceedingly well used since Christmas. The only trouble with it is the fact that Shakespeare has taken a liking to it as well and wants to sharpen his claws on it at every available opportunity!! Robert bought me a funny present it's one of those robot floor sweepers, I don't actually think he bought it for me but more for the cats.

Poor Hamish doesn't hear it at all and only knows it is there when it bumps into him, then he promptly jumps out of its way. Shakes on the other hand stalks it around the room. Too scared to jump on it, he just follows it around.

Rob and I finished watching Breaking Bad on Christmas Eve...I have been slightly depressed ever since. I have started watching them all again from the beginning. Already I am back up to Season 4 which I think tells you I have done very little else.

So now it's back to the daily grind, I am just willing Winter to be over quickly, but I think I will be sorely disappointed on that front. Rob and I will start to look around for a house again now Christmas is out of the way. Hopefully there will be more we like coming up on the market. As of right now there are only about 3 a like, one is out of our price range and the other 2 are nice but not necessarily where I want them to be. Out of those two one I like very much and the other I like on the inside more than the outside. The only good thing is Rob quite likes them as well which is progress of sorts.

Not sure when my next update will be as Sunday is far too near now. Until then here are some photos from the park as well as some fun shots of novelty melting snowman I got from Nancy for Christmas.

Also a video from Home Free, they won the Sing Off (yay!) and have an Album coming out in Feb! This is their newest music video, you can also check it out here...It's so good! Remember NO music just voices!

Build him and watch him melt....Needs a limbo pole me thinks

Woman photographing ducks and dog watching squirrel...
Click to view larger

I definitely can't feel my hands or any nuts under here....


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