Monday, January 27, 2014

53 Days Until Spring...Apparently!

So here I am again, a day late, and the sad thing is I have nothing new to write about. Winter is rumbling on and we have had a ton more snow since I last blogged. Another big blowing blizzard! I am thankful to say that on the day it happened, Tuesday I believe, I was not feeling very well at all, so I stayed at home, Just as well really as they shut up shop early again because of the awful driving conditions.

Rob and I continue the house search and all that goes with it, Here house buying seems so different, and somewhat convoluted. You apparently need an army of people on hand...There's your realtor, your financial person and your mortgage broker to name but three of them. Once you put in an offer on a house, the seller barters via their realtor and comes back with a counter offer...If your don't like it, you reject it as you cannot counter a counter offer...and then if you want to go again you have to put in a whole new offer from the beginning...Just as well they have plenty of trees here for the amount of paper it consumes! There are so many variables and bitty fees to think about, nothing ever seems to be straight forward....It seriously messes with your mind. NOTE...If you are reading this and are my one of my friends here in Nova Scotia, please avoid this subject with us as we really don't want to talk about it anymore than we have to as it is/has been all consuming of late.

Talking telly for a moment, I am loving this year's Celebrity Big Brother, it certainly has been one of the most entertaining and eventful series to date and not for any good reasons! I would be surprised if any of those so called celebs actually have a career left after they have come out of there. It's certainly been grabbing some headlines and even the Daily Mail who had turned their back on reporting about Big Brother since it moved to Channel 5 have got back in on the act. I have been watching yet another excellent series on Netflix 'Hell on Wheels'. I didn't think it was going to be my kind of thing at all, set just after the civil war has ended it follows the fortunes of a man looking for revenge for the murder of his wife, which in turn leads him to become a part of the crew building of the transcontinental rail road. It has some fantastic characters and is so well written, pretty gruesome in places! Watch it if you get the chance.

Below I have posted some excellent (and quite factual) Canadian Winter funnies I was sent last week. Plus a rather disturbing video of Prime Minister Stephen Harper singing.Who knew...One...he could sing, and two...he could sing so bad! And lets not talk about stage presence! You can search more of Harper's hits on You Tube...Scary!


This one is no joke....Taken outside the back door at
 work on Wednesday!

And us Brits thought Cherie and Tony were cringy having
a sing song!


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