Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stress Factor

If someone ever told me that house hunting was fun, I think I would quite literally kick them in the head!
House hunting is quite possibly the worst thing I personally have ever had to undertake.

Rob and I are still looking and largely 'falling out' over houses and costings. We had a second viewing today of one we like, but we are still not quite committed. We have decided to keep to a thrifty budget as it is now our intention if possible to buy a modest home here and still keep our UK residence as well. In the long term we think this could work to our favour having additional options and a property portfolio. I will of course keep you posted on our progress but for today that's all I have to say on the matter.

I find myself unable to concentrate on anything else right now, I haven't picked up my camera in weeks and have become a recluse. Unfortunately that's what happens when my mind gets bogged down with an issue of magnitude like this. I went to visit the dietitian again about a week or so ago, I hadn't seen her since well before the festive season, and held out no hope whatsoever of any further weight loss since my eating routine had fallen by the wayside somewhat...BUT to my utter amazement I had actually lost 7lbs. That brings my total so far to 15lbs in total since I started. I do attribute some of this success to the stress factor. I still have a very long way to go, but needless to say I am pleased.

Another symptom of stress has also appeared, I have a cyst or sty in my left eye. It came up a few days ago and is pretty painful. I am hoping it goes away soon. I dread to think what state I will be in as and when we do eventually move house!!

We have had some lovely 'above seasonal' temperatures and no snow this week...Well we did until last night and then the snow came down once more. It was pretty cold, damp and rainy today turning some of the snow to a slushy mess, just in time for it to freeze tonight and makes those roads extra nasty tomorrow morning...JOY! Can you tell I am full of positivity right now?!


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