Saturday, January 11, 2014

Now where was I...?

Sorry, I have been rather lack lustre in my updates, but I am slowly getting back into things.
When last I blogged I do believe I mentioned there was a blizzard on the way...Well as you may of read and heard, it hit and hit hard. My Journey to work on Friday January 3rd wasn't pleasant, the snow had started coming down in the early hours and by morning there was enough of it blowing around to make it a tad tricky and slippy. I made in into work in one piece with my only real issue being a bloody huge truck on  my off ramp who was stuck and spinning his wheels. Fortunately I managed to get round him  without him slipping backwards into me. As the morning progressed the weather got worse and worse, buses, cars, delivery vans were all having difficulty getting around as the snow swirled around. By mid morning a decision was made that we shut down and leave at 12 pm. By the time noon rolled around, the snow drifts were pretty big and the conditions outside were terrible. Those in the know may remember my driving as being a bit shaky at the best of times, and now here I was having to drive home in a complete white-out. This was without question was the most scariest driving ever. I couldn't see anything, not where the edge of the road was, the road itself, or anything in front of me. I knew Rob was already at home and clearing the parking lot as best he could for me to get in, so all I had to do was make it there, what made it worse was the fact there was literally no one in front of me to try and follow, the odd cars that were on the road were behind me making me the one leading them (god help them). I crawled along at about 5 miles an hour and eventually made it on and off the highway and down my road where I was confused to see a car coming down the wrong side of of it at me....And I thought I was having trouble....Having made it to the parking lot, I turned in, only to get stuck, at which point thankfully Rob was there, he was telling me what I should be doing to stop my wheels from spinning but I wasn't listening and having none of it, I was so pissed off at having to drive and so uptight by the whole experience that I just got out and let him deal with getting the car into what looked liked our space.

Finally inside and out of the snow neither of us went anywhere for the rest of the day. By the evening the snow finally slowed and eventually stopped. Rob decided to start digging out a path at the back of the house. The amount of snow was apparently the most Nova Scotia has had since White Juan hit.

Since then we have had freezing cold temperatures, then warmer ones, a whole lot of rain which washed away much of the snow and currently as I am typing, very high winds and more rain. So if you are reading this in the UK which I believe is already mostly underwater, no doubt you can expect some more rain in the next few days as it works its way over.

In between the crappy weather we haven't done a whole hell of a lot. We went to view another house last weekend, it looked lovely in the photos but upon closer inspection wasn't all that great, some brave DIY had occurred and the end results were nothing we really wanted to live with, plus the area wasn't great. Tomorrow we are off to see 2 open houses, I am not mad keen on either but who knows they could surprise me.

This week at work I met a real life Homicide Detective. He came in to get an aerial map printed up for a court case he was in the middle of. I was (sadly) and immediately star struck (because I watch Dexter and a multitude of other crime related shows). I found myself saying wow I would love to do your job, to which he was a bit perplexed, thankfully I managed not to start talking telly to him. ( I remember a long time ago now my friend Sylvie and I were big fans of Holby City and Casualty and we actually believed that because we watched these medical dramas we could actually perform many of the emergency no doubt won't thank me for mentioning this). But I think the same now of crime dramas, hence my interest in this poor man. He seemed very chatty and willing to tell me about the case he was currently in court for, it was so the end of our chat he was about to leave and for some unknown reason I asked him for his card...he gave me one, and now stood there, I felt I should offer an explanation as to why I wanted his card...The next thing that came out of my mouth was possibly one of the more stupid things I have said to date...I said..."Thanks, you never know when I may need you"....He

looked confused, I blushed and kicked myself at the same time, why in the name of all thing sane would I need a homicide detective??????
I do utterly amaze myself sometimes!

I will leave you with a couple of photos from the blizzard, to give you an idea of the drift size and the amount of snow Rob had to shift.

Big drift, almost window high out the back

Digging a pathway from the back door


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