Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mostly Venting!

Another week on and I am no nearer putting up any Christmas decorations! I just can't get festive this year. I think the tree not going up is a given now, I may get the tinsel out though and a few lights just to show willing.

Work has been crazy busy again this week and I was pretty dead by Friday! We have a winter storm a brewing for tomorrow hence I am updating earlier this week in case the power goes out. Depending on which weather forecast you choose to believe we could be getting anywhere from 10 cm to 50 cm of snow, quite frankly I don't care any more. I just hope that it comes and goes quickly and I can get about my daily business on Monday.

The weather forecasters on the news news annoy me so much I practically want to hurl something at the TV every time they come on. They just love the drama of snowfall, the build up to the approaching storm has been talked about for days now. They always remind me of an episode of 'The Vicar of Dibley' when they keep mentioning the 'Great Storm' at the parish council meeting. (For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, see video below). I think it boils down to a couple of factors, firstly in recent years they don't have snow like they used to round here, so any chance to big it up they do. And secondly, I believe they miscalculated the severity of the last 'Great Winter Storm' know as White Juan in 2004 so now they tend to forecast for the worst just in case.

Gripe one over! On to gripe number two...This week Canada Post announced that in the next five years they will be phasing out all home postal deliveries and that everyone will have to use community mail boxes to pick up their mail. Two thirds of people already collect their mail from community boxes, but in the more densely populated urban areas, home deliveries are still in operation.

The reason for this change, according to the 'numpty' spokesperson on the news is due to falling revenue and the fact that people use the mail differently these days, Internet shopping etc. He said that since 2008 Canada Post have delivered one billion less pieces of mail...Which makes me beg the question, if they have had less to do, why does it take them so damn long to deliver stuff?! The term snail mail most certainly applies to the postal service here. And as for these community mail boxes, what happens to all those people who are not in walking distance of them, who are old and infirm, who cannot see, who cannot drive? This is just not acceptable. Why did Canada Post not set about improving their service from 2008 when the mail started to decline in volume?! All they have done is let it perpetually decline to point now where more people will lose their jobs and to top it all business postal rates will be increased dramatically in order that their mail still be delivered 5 days a no extra cost to the tax payer (that was another sound bite from the spokes man on the news). Disgusting!

Venting over, I am going to move on to something more enjoyable. One of my favourite talent shows is back on the TV. If you have followed my blog since the beginning you may remember me banging on about it before. It's called The Sing-Off and it's the only acapella singing contest on TV. The groups are amazing. It blows my mind every time when I hear them sing as they are so talented, no musical instruments just their voices. This season, I have a stand out favourite group called 'Home Free' who specialise in country music. You can check them out below! I defy you not to love them and not to smile watching them sing.

Finally, Guess who are back? I haven't seen them in the longest time...The deer. They have been round nearly every night in the last week. I have fed them apples and carrots and just last night we had a rare visit from the stag, he came pretty close, the ladies all seem scared of him and didn't encroach on him eating the carrots. They are just so beautiful, it's so lovely to have wildlife like this literally on the doorstep! No photos sadly as it's been way to cold to stand out there for long, plus it's been dark every time they come.


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