Sunday, March 23, 2014

50 Inches!

Hello...Sunday already! I have actually been slightly more active this week.
I will jump right in with the fact that I actually attended the camera club this week, what with the weather and severe lack of interest on my part I haven't really attended this year until now.

The club had the charity 'Hope for Wildlife' visiting and they brought with them quite a few critters including a couple of owls, a de-scented skunk, a peregrine falcon, a turtle and a couple of snakes. The photo featured here is of Boo the owl who has a broken wing. He will never fly again and is one of their educational animals now at the centre.

Yesterday morning Rob and I finally got our paperwork together for our taxes. This year we are not going to H & R Block (as they seem to rob us blind every year just to enter the information in the computer). Linda our Mortgage Broker is doing them for us. I love Linda, she is great. She really has a good head on her shoulders and is my kinda person. She offered to so them for us on our last visit to her office, and for the tiniest of fees. Whilst there we tidied up the last of the paperwork we needed for the mortgage people, and she invited me to an event on Wednesday which is run by her colleague for Women in Business. She thinks it will be good for me to attend and network to maybe get some more interest in my design and photographic work.

Last night we met up with Anne, Smiffy and the Elmsdale crew for Smiffy's birthday bash in Bedford.
Anne's Aunt and Uncle Jim and Phillys were also in attendance, Rob and I have met them several times before at Anne's Christmas and Summer parties and I think they are fabulous! Sadly the table didn't lend itself to to much interaction with the whole group as it was a long one. The food was good but I couldn't make it through the whole plate. We were all stunned to see a couple of inches of snow had fallen by the time we left the restaurant. Apparently we are due another Winter Storm on Wednesday! I shit you not, that this Winter has been beyond intolerable.

Finally in other news, Rob and I saw a great deal on a 50 inch flat screen TV, so we bought one this will be for the bedroom in our new home...Very exciting as I do love my TV!!! For those of you thinking 50 inches is a tad excessive for a bedroom...remember our new master bedroom is massive!

I also went to the doctors this week for the second time about a persistent sty in my left eye. Apparently it is now chronic and I will be preferred to an optomologist to maybe get it lanced...Ouch! Can't say I am looking forward to the prospect of that!

I will leave you with one of my favourite videos...I found this on You Tube back in 2010 and promptly forgot about it, I have been looking for it ever since and finally found it this week...Enjoy!


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