Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weather Bomb !*@#!!!!!

An unusual update mid week from me! And can you possibly guess what I am going to talk about????? Yep, the sodding weather.

They predicted it endlessly, today it arrived and along with it came a new meteorological expression (on me anyway). The term Weather Bomb has banded about willy nilly all over the place. By the time the storm (possibly to go down in the bowels of history as one of the 'great storms' and affectionately called 'Juan-a-be') arrived I was literally pulling out my hair at the use of the term Weather Bomb! Oh yes it's been a fun day here, this morning it started about 8.00 am with a few flurries and then escalated quickly and by midday the winds were fierce as was the amount of snow blowing around. Having got to work fine, we shut at 12 pm and all those that turned up got to drive home in complete white out conditions again, I couldn't see a damn thing and it was very, very slippy as no ploughs had been out clearing.

Rob and I have spent the rest of the day doing pretty much nothing and watching TV. It's late as I am typing this and the high winds and blowing snow are set to continue throughout the night...Who knows what tomorrow will bring. At least we didn't lose power...Yet! I read that many across the Province are without power and because we do only have the one power company I suspect that some will have quite a wait to be restored.

Although the 'Weather Bomb' term may have been a new on on me I did find another video from Rick Mercer who was way ahead of me on this one...I am a huge fan of his now and I definitely think that he and I have rather a lot in common. Along with Rick's Rant there are a couple more videos that show you what we have all been through today.

And below is a time lapse video from Thor Henrikson by the looks of it he set the camera up in the evening before the storm, so it takes a little while for the daylight to break, but gives an accurate view of today's weather.


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