Sunday, March 16, 2014

Radiation and the Damn Weather

An utterly non-eventful week and pretty much no news. Locally there was a bit of scare down on the docks as a container carrying nuclear material destined for the USA was accidentally dropped by a crane. Workers were evacuated and quarantined until the Hazmat teams had been in to see if any leakage had occurred. Apparently the material (Uranium Hexafluoride) when mixed with moisture creates a toxic cloud. Thankfully (according to official reports) none did actually leak even though radiation levels were pretty high. The whole thing begs the question should such materials be shipped through ports that have highly populated areas around them?!

Good news on the roads at last around here, HRM are going to implement Zebra Crossings. They will definitely make spotting crossings a whole lot easier and hopefully will go some way to stopping many of the accidents that occur.

As for the weather, it's still Winter. We have endured almost a whole 6 months of it now, I think I have heard the complete gamut of weather forecasters terminology and here they are for your reading pleasure with my translations of them:

Flurries - meaning: it's going to snow a bit but we don't really know how much.
Snow - meaning: it's going to snow, here's an amount but don't hold us to it because we will most likely get it wrong.
Blowing Snow - meaning: you are going to have to get up even earlier in the morning to shovel your way out of a snow drift which had most likely blocked your doorway and buried your car.
Freezing Rain - meaning it's going rain and then freeze, so you will have to get up early again and chip the ice of your windscreen for a good 25 minutes.
Ice Pellets - meaning: Hail...I guess.
Blizzard - meaning: wear some goggles outside as you won't be able to open your eyes.
Total White Out....meaning: you are completely buggered whilst driving and don't even bother trying.
Flash Freeze - meaning it's going to be a sodding ice rink when you drive to work.

Can you tell I am pretty cheesed off with Winter? Rachael sent me this video today as she know how obsessed I am with the weather and the forecasts. It really made me laugh but it's oh so true!


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