Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning & Senior Wellness

So finally a couple of days of warmer temps after being well into the minuses last week. The clocks went forward last night and the sun is shining today! I just hope it melts all the cruddy ice heaps everywhere that (for me) are such a depressing sight.

The week was a pretty long one, and this next one is set to be even longer as it's Spring Break and as usual most people with kids will do their usual mass exodus out the city or the province for the week, making work very slow. I hate it when I it's slow, I like my days busy and fast.

Hamish was due for his senior, 6 month wellness check up, so we took both cats to the vets yesterday, Shakespeare managed to hurt his tail about a week a
go (we don't know how or what happened) but we thought we should get it checked out at the same time).The boys were as good as gold on route and whilst there until Hamish had to have blood taken. Being held by the nurse and having a needle jabbed in him was not his favourite part of the day and there were some pretty blood curdling noises emanating from him. A long 15 minutes later and they had the results...He is as fit as a flea. He has however lost a little weight since September. Shakespeare on the other hand has gained and is bordering on overweight now, so he needs to be put on strict rations. His tail appears to be fine and not infected, we think the lump is just a little scar tissue now....So $286.00 later and the boys were on the way home. Ouch!

Having handed in our notice to terminate our lease agreement on May 31, we had a letter back from the property management company stating how we are to leave the house in terms of cleanliness. Seriously some of it is hilarious considering it was never spotless from the time we moved in. So in order to minimise our efforts later on we have initiated Spring cleaning mode as well as de-clutter pre-move mode. I washed all the covers on the sofa and chair this week, and have been tidying through the house as I go, Rob has been washing floors, and whilst sorting out the sofa, we cleaned behind it and under it. We were astounded to find approximately 15 of Shakespeare's toys under the sofa. He was buzzing around super excited as we threw them all one by one over the sofa to him, within 10 minutes he was lying on the cushion-less sofa on his back in a sort of daze, he looked completely overwhelmed, it was very funny to watch. If I had to imagine what what was going on his mind, it would be a schedule of sorts as to how and when he was going to fit in playing with them all...Oh and the repeated phrase..."I thought I'd lost that"!

So what have I been watching on the Goggle Box this week?....The Bletchley Circle on Netflix. I do quite like that. And I also decided to give Luther a try, never bothered with it before, but OMG, it is so good!!! possibly my fave drama since Breaking Bad and it's British!

On cable, Big Brother Canada Started this week, Of course I will be glued to that, however many of the contestants are pretty annoying. I would say mostly the guys actually. Kyle our sole representative from Nova Scotia, is quite possibly the biggest tool of them all, I am gutted that he is representing the Province. If I had to pick a winner out of this motley bunch at this early stage I would say that Kenny from Newfoundland stands quite a good chance. I am also thoroughly enjoying The Voice USA (it is knocking spots of the UK version). The banter between judges and contestants is so funny and the talent is amazing, I am thrilled to see Usher and Shakira back this time along side Adam and Blake.

Well I guess that's all for this week, I will leave you with a funny cartoon that I was sent this week...Made me chuckle!


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