Saturday, October 30, 2010

England Calling

I'm back! It feels ages since I have done an update. Well as you know we have had my dad and Marjorie visiting for the past week. I was so happy to see them, it was a real novelty having visitors. I think they were expecting a slightly more relaxing week than they got, Rob and I kept them busy.

They brought over a bunch of swag for me, Hairspray, Marmite, Cigarettes amongst other things which was much appreciated. We kicked off the week with a trip on the Harbour Hopper around Halifax, the hopper is one of the bus/boat things that does land and water. My god it was freezing that day, it just about finished us off we were so cold by the time we got off.

On Saturday we took them on a trip to Windsor to the pumpkin farm, since Rob and I were there last time they had changed their displays, I don't think this place will ever lose it's magic for me. We bought a load more jam and marmalade, then headed for Kentville to see the pumpkin people and took a drive through beautiful Wolfville. Saturday evening we headed down to Wharf Wraps for fish and chips and to meet up with some of our friends. They got to meet Darrel, Nancy and Wayne and Tom and Marg. It was a lovely meal and a fun evening. Just wish it could have gone on longer.

Sunday was the only decent weather day of the visit. The sun finally shone and there was only one place to head on a sunny day...Of course, South Shore and all my favourite places, Blue, Rocks, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Chester Prospect and Peggy's Cove. The scenery was as always beautiful and the Autumn colours were out in full force, enhanced by the sunshine the foliage looked amazing.

It all gets a bit hazy after Sunday, we showed them around pretty much every part of Halifax and Dartmouth, including every house I want to live in! We took a trip up to Walton Lighthouse, but again the weather wasn't up to much so sightseeing was a bit lack lustre.

On Tuesday we took a trip in the morning to Sackville as I had a prior engagement at the Credit Union. Remember that calendar contest I won...I had to go and have my photo taken with the calendar and being presented the cheque...So that nice...if not a little embarrassing! It was actually a different shot than the one I previously published that made the cover.

On Wednesday night we had our neighbours round for drinks, Gord and dad hit it off instantly, and definitely found some common ground on politics! Chris and Marjorie also hit it off and share a love of small dogs!

I am also happy to report that the deer put in a couple of appearances on the estate for our visitors, they came by a couple of times, 3 young ones came wandering across the front of our house...They are just so cute.

Before they left on Thursday we went down to the harbour front again so dad could try his first BeaverTail. (Bit of market research actually). BeaverTails are like crispy fritters, with a variety of toppings on them, like cinnamon and apple, or maple cream etc. They were a big hit, so who knows you may see them on a donut van near you in the near future! Then all too soon it was time for them to leave. We said goodbye to them at round 6.30 pm Thursday evening at the airport and I can honestly say I hated it. I knew it would be hard seeing them go! Looking forward to seeing them back again soon. And the rest of you reading this!

Just want to say big thanks to Lisa and Eunice for your phone calls and Eunice I am so sorry I didn't get to speak to you, I thought dad was going to hand the phone back to me when you had finished chatting, but alas this was not the case.

So life returned to normal on Friday, The house seems quiet and empty. I had the day off so headed for the car lot. Not much going on there, so headed home to do some housework. Big weekend this weekend, Halloween fever has set in big time. Our neighbours and others on the estate have 'full on', extreme displays outside their homes, including, figures and crime scene tape. We have a door banner and a little skeleton thing outside the door. We carved out our huge pumpkin. Chris said we should expect about 160 kids to come calling....YES 160!!! They come early though and it's all over by 9 pm. Will keep you posted on this!

Beautiful Lunenburg

Arcadia University, Wolfville

Autumn Colours at Stonehurst Cove

Martins River

Pumpkin People, Kentville

Left: Me being presented with cheque at the Cedit Union
Right: Dad and Marjorie at the Pumpkin Farm


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