Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scarecrows and Stuff

So from a quiet week last week to an eventful week this week.
First off, big news, I left Pete's on Tuesday. I really didn't like working there and it wasn't the job I was led to believe it was in the first place, it was very physically demanding and the environment, although okay wasn't really my cup of tea. Great news on the inventory front...I'm not there doing it today :o)

Since Tuesday I have been job hunting again, applied for loads, and oddly in a twist of fate, my friend Arthur said his place is looking for someone. I think I may have mentioned he works for a print firm (called Wade Atlantic). The job, as far as I know would be mainly front desk stuff, with the possibility of design work. At the same time I had a call back from another print place called The Printing House, very similar role and some design work. I have a meeting at both places on Monday and Tuesday. At this stage I am leaning towards Wade, simply because I know Arthur already. Rob, myself and him went out on Friday night for drinks and had such a good time. He is very pragmatic about the job and says, see if I like it and do it until I get something better. So I know if I get it, leaving and moving on from there wouldn't be a problem as far as our friendship goes.

The weather was breezy on Friday night, but it was like a warm tropical breeze, loads of people were out in the city and drinking outside on decks as it was so mild. It felt quite strange considering it is October. Saturday was breezy again, a little on the grey side but again, mild.

Today was just beautiful weather-wise, blue skies and sunny all day. Rob and I went to the Scarecrow Festival in Mahone Bay, there were all manner of scarecrows, a classic car show and a market. The place was packed. We then popped round to see our friend Phyllis at the B&B and sat chatting with her for a while in her beautiful garden before heading home.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to my friend Sarah this week!! Have a great one!

Alice in Wonderland...By far my favourite display!

And a bit more of Alice, with the cat in the back!

Definitely posing!

Slightly more traditional?

Carved pumpkins sold off for charity

Rednecks :o)

Oh...and some right royal scarecrows!


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