Saturday, September 25, 2010

A very quiet week!

Well this is a first! What a dull old week it has been, I don't really have any news at all. The most exciting events were buying a new pair of slippers and a scarf and putting my back out on Thursday. I sometimes get acute muscle spasms in my lower back, nothing really triggers it, it just goes. Thankfully a shed load of Ibuprofen later and I am feeling much better.

The weather has been so so this week, some rain, some cloud, and a couple of days of sun. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so we hope to head out somewhere.

The next couple of weekends are going to be hectic. I have plans for next Saturday, and next Sunday I shall be working as it's inventory day at Pete's. The weekend after is very busy, we are meeting up with our friends Tom and Marg to go see that local band Signal Hill. I also want to get to the Citadel on Saturday for a photo op, and Sunday is the Pumpkin Paddling thing. I shall need a rest after that for sure.

I did a few cars on the lot this week one of which is pictured below (especially for Tom)...I had had a hell of a job hoisting myself up into this baby! I also had 2 cars completely conk out on me (they were just dead and had to be jump started)...which was funny as the chap helping me, put the clamps on the wrong way round and nearly set one on fire! I yelled is that meant to be smoking, he panicked, so did I and we both ran in opposite directions until he managed to compose himself a split second later running back and pulling them off.

No news on Robs exam yet and that's about it!

Happy birthday to Tom for Monday! And get well wishes go to my friend Pam...Here's hoping you are back on solids soon!!

No good for short legs!


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