Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ka Ching!

No Hurricane yet! Although it is still on course for tomorrow, there is the possibility it might just swerve us and hit New Brunswick instead. The experts just can't seem to figure out where it will hit.

The temperature today was another scorching 37 degrees. I have a terrible migraine today due to the extreme heat, I know I bang on about the humidity a lot, but with that factored in it feels like 40 plus degrees.

Now the real reason for this update today is to tell of some exciting news! A little while back the camera club were asking for submissions for the Credit Union Calendar contest. Well I had word today that my submission has been picked as not only one of the months, but the front cover as well. This Calendar will be in every branch across the Maritimes. How good is that! I also won $100. As you can tell I am chuffed as nuts about this!

An old favourite gets a new lease of life and becomes a cover star!


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