Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of an Era!

An emotional week this week for me...Now don't laugh, but I have just caught up with the very last of Big Brother, I watched every last ounce of programming, the final and every associated supplementary programme from Friday night...And yes I sobbed! Sad but true. I am one of the original fans from series one ten years ago and I have never missed a single episode. I know most of you reading this don't feel the same as me regarding BB, but when you have invested as much viewing time as I have in one programme, it's sad to see it go, it really is the end of an era!

Big Brother USA comes to and end here next week. The USA version is so completely different to the UK version and is more a game of alliances and strategy, where the head of household vote out other housemates, no public vote, and ex-contestants make up a jury to decide the final winner. On the upside, as one door closes another one opens, and new next week here we have Survivor and the new series of The Apprentice USA, so have no fear I shall still be dipping into my addictive reality shows, plus let's not forget Strictly is back!

In other news (real life) Rob, Nancy and I attended the Air Show today at Shearwater. It was a gray day and the wind was nippy to say the least. We got to see the Snow Birds (the Canadian equivalent of The Red Arrows) which was fun, plus I got to photograph men in uniform!

Since Labour Day the weather has felt distinctly Autumn-like, the temperature has dropped right down and we have had more rain. Sad to see the end of Summer! We actually had to fire up the heating today in the house and to think only a week or so ago it was so unbearably hot.

Rob has been busy revising for a practical oil exam he will be taking on Tuesday and Wednesday this week at the college. Fingers crossed for him on that as I think he is finding it a little hard as he doesn't really know what to expect from the test.

Camera Club has started up again now, so we shall be attending this Wednesday evening and catching up with some of the faces I haven't seen since the BBQ.

I am working on a website for a lady in Sackville who is hoping to start up her own Spa business in a couple of months. It's a test project for me so I am doing it for nothing (as I have no clue if she will like what I am doing)...But in return I get some treatments and she will spread the word to clients about me fingers crossed.

Big Brother R.I.P.

The Snow Birds

Men in Uniform :o)

Yes...and some more....


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