Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Extreme Weather

Just a quick update to say that we are suffering an extreme heatwave. This week has been like living in the tropics. Everyday it has been around 36 degrees and extreme humidity. It's about 12.30 am as I am typing this and the temperature is still 24 degrees. Our house is literally like a furnace. We can't sleep very well at all, I think everyone here is suffering in the heat. Apparently it has been the hottest summer here on record.

If you have been watching the news you may have heard that we have Hurricane Earl heading this way. Normally when a hurricane moves up the Eastern Coast by the time it hits the Canada Maritimes, the coldness of the water here diffuses it's power, but the water here is so warm right now there is nothing to stop the full force. There is of course the chance it will move off course and miss us, but as of right now it isn't looking good.

The last time Nova Scotia took a serious hit from a hurricane was in 2003 with Hurricane Juan, which caused major devastation and killed several people. I think it's fair to say people are somewhat nervous, including us. Notices have already been sent out to prepare for power outages and to bring everything inside including our smelly dustbins...Nice!

Wish us well and keep your fingers crossed it misses us!

Hurricane Earl Heading this way from the Caribbean Orignal image
and article from the Montreal Gazette

Hurricane Juan Heading for Halifax in 2003
(photo credit


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