Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farm Country

Yet another glorious sunny weekend! Friday night Rob and I popped out along the waterfront on the Dartmouth side as I wanted to get a couple of night shots of the MacDonald Bridge. While we we there we couldn't help scouting out property along the front, there are some fabulous houses along there, they range from the very large and expensive looking to more moderate homes. Depending on where you are, you could have an amazing view of of Halifax City Skyline...And yes you guessed it, it's my new 'pick of the week' of places to live.

Saturday Rob worked a long shift down at UHaul (6.30 am - 4 pm). I took the opportunity to get out and about with camera club friends Suzanne and Deb. Suzanne won't be around for too much longer as she has sublet her apartment and is heading the the hills of Mexico for 7 months. I digress....back to our jaunt, we headed out to farm country which is around the town of Truro and along the Bay of Fundy Shores. (Some of you may recall a few years back Rob and I stayed in this area and did the tidal bore rafting). Very pretty countryside.

Today Rob and I went up to the Canning look-off which is in the valley...Or above the valley! Great views, again such pretty countryside. The look-off is quite near to that door 17 art installation I posted a while back. Much of the locally grown produce including, blueberries, apples, pumpkins and cheese all come from this area. There are also quite a few vineyards around there as well.

Rob and I both have a hard week at work this week. It's the busiest week of the year at UHaul as all the university kids are heading back for the fall term and I have inventory on Tuesday at Pete's plus on Wednesday I have an after work orientation session??!!! Who knows what that is all about, but I get paid for it!

The Angus L. MacDonald Bridge

Beech Hill Farm near Truro

A quaint little place we stumbled upon on route to Canning

View from the Canning Look-Off


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