Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Darrel the Cat

Only Wednesday and already another update.

Remember last time I mentioned my new pal, the stray cat Darrel. I hadn't seen him for a couple of days, but when I got back today he appeared and was limping quite badly , his left front leg was very swollen. I didn't know what to do as we certainly don't have disposable cash for stray cat vet bills. I spent the next half an hour ringing animal shelters, various agencies and vets.

Shelters wouldn't take him, the SPCA was shut, the Animal Control people said they would only come and get him if he was dying or dead...Nice! No vets wanted to help for free...Until I got lucky, one kind vet in Lower Sackville said to bring him in, so after shutting Hamish in the bedroom and wrestling Darrel with a towel into the cat box, we were on our way.

I am pleased to report that the swelling is just a bad abscess, which can be treated, he also has worms, hence him being so skinny. He will be looked after, fixed up and neutered, and put up for adoption and sadly we had to leave him there. I was in pieces, crying like a mad woman, but I knew deep down we had to let him go for his own good, he is such a great cat and I reckon whoever re-homes him will be so lucky to have him. He was as good as gold on the vets table, friendly and loving the fuss.

Of course if we could afford to have had him ourselves and pay the bills we would have, but right now we just don't have the means. I know he will be missed by everyone who feeds him on the estate. When we got back I informed John (the Estate Manager) where he has gone and gave him a card from the practice on the off chance that someone here might want to take him in when he comes up for re-homing. The Vet also took my number and promised to let me know when he does find a home.

Luckily on Monday I took some photos of him, our time together was brief, but I shall really miss him!

The look of love...Now feed me!

Who's been fighting?!


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