Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Review & BBQ

Well it's Sunday and a week since my last update, so I thought I had better review the week.

My first 4 days at Pete's were quite testing and frantic. So much to remember it's unbelievable. I have to say that all the staff I have encountered have been very dedicated and a pleasure to be around. As for the job itself, it remains to be seen if I will stay there or not. For now it's a job and that's great, but I am not sure it is a long term prospect, although the days do fly by and the hours are nice.

I think one of the most embarrassing things I have had to overcome this week is paging people over the telephone system. I hate my voice at the best of times! That said I was complimented by a few people on the floor who really liked the British accent.

Rob and I have been so shattered after work this week we haven't really done anything in the evenings, but Friday we treated ourselves to Fish and Chips at Fisherman's Cove.

Saturday was Rob's Birthday and we attended to the Camera Club's annual BBQ at Lawrence's House out in Fall River. Beautiful little spot, there were games and prizes, a whole lot of food and some great company. I picked up a couple more contacts on the job front and am hoping to get a few pointers from a new friend Joanne next week.

Today as the weather was still superb, we took a drive out along South Shore. We ended up in Lunenburg after taking the scenic route most of the way along. I am now convinced I want to live in Chester. I liked it before but I love it now. Picture postcard pretty!!

In other news we seem to have adopted a stray cat, he's very skinny, a ginger and white, loveable and very affectionate tom who I have now called Darrel after one of my pals at the photo club. Darrel the human, loves nothing more than a good hike, wandering all over the place with his camera...I figured as Darrel the cat is a wanderer the name suited him rather well.

Darrel the cat turns up everyday now yelling at the back door for food. Hamish has seen him out of the window and hissed a bit, but I think he's just scared rather than looking for a fight. Darrel managed to run past me into the house the other morning which caused a stir, thankfully all my shouting scared him right back out again before he came face to face with Hamish.

Unrelated observations: Can you believe that there are no spray deodorants for sale over here?! If you are a woman your only options are sticks or roll-ons. Hairspray is another thing that ticks me off, I reckon they must have had all the good sticking agents taken out of them, as they just don't work! Pantene in the UK works like a dream, here is it wets your hair and that's about it, I have tried 3 different brands so far and they range from crap to really crap.

Sailing into the Sunset at Fisherman's Cove

Moonlight and Sunset at Fisherman's Cove

Blue Rocks Fishing Shacks

Putting faces to names, two of my favourite people -
Left: Darrel, Right: Deb (part of the Wednesday night photo

Lawrence's lovely pool!


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