Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty and the Beastly Mosquitoes!

Can't believe it's been nearly a week since I posted an update! Not sure where the time goes.

Thursday night Rob and I took a quick drive out to Prospect as I wanted to see what a night shot would look like there, got a couple of nice ones, but didn't stay too long as I was literally attacked by mosquitoes. Bite count 5 (in about 10 minutes!)

The Natal Day fireworks display was very impressive on Saturday night, Rob and I joined our little group of photo friends and headed out to the same spot we went to before to take some photos. I got chatting with Suzanne about going out shooting on Sunday and ended up getting up early and spending a wonderful day with her at some of our favourite places on South Shore.

We started off in Mahone Bay and then headed for Blue Rocks and Lunenburg. The weather was just gorgeous and we took literally hundreds of photos. Rob declined coming along, he would have been up for it if he knew we weren't going to be gone all day but Both Suzanne and I knew this would not be the case...As you can't rush!

I had in mind to go and watch the parade today, but I was just shattered after yesterday, so we gave it a miss.

I managed to rack up a total of 15 bites yesterday, all of which itch like hell, I have 3 more on my left ankle to match the others I got in Prospect on the other ankle, but the majority of them are down my neck, back and left shoulder, with one on my head!

I think we are hoping to get out to Eastern Passage tomorrow night for another get together as there are yet more fireworks scheduled (weather permitting). Note to self...spray head to toe in insect repellent before going out! No plans as yet for the weekend, but if the weather remains the way it is no doubt we shall head out somewhere.

I do hope my images are making at least some of you want to come and visit...Oh and by the way, the earwig problem seems to have subsided??!! Whether we manged to kill all the buggers I am not sure!!

Early Morning at Mahone Bay

Beautiful Lunenburg...Click to view Larger!

Peggy's at Sunset

Still Waters at Prospect

Natal Day Fireworks


Unknown on November 13, 2018 at 9:14 AM said...

Land of my parents' birth. I have spent many,many wonderful times, exploring this beautiful province and consider it my 2nd home.

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