Sunday, August 8, 2010

A trip down Memory Lane

Another busy week has slipped by, and for me, my last week of freedom!
Rob has been busy down at U-Haul, and in between we have been getting out and about.

Wednesday night we were due to go out for the Eastern Passage fireworks, but unfortunately the weather meant they were postponed until tonight, and as we have been out all day we shall give it a miss. Thursday I worked on the car lot. Far too many trucks to move about for my liking, however I did successfully manage to move and reverse park 3 of them without hitting anything, which is quite something.

Saturday I was out all day again with Suzanne taking photographs around the Eastern Shore and Fisherman's Cove. Today Rob and I took a trip out to another heritage village called Memory Lane, a very pretty and authentic 1940s/50's place.

I was up late on the computer the other night (just for a change :o) and heard all sorts of noises out the back. I now know (although I haven't seen them yet) it's raccoons trying to get in the dustbins. My neighbour also informed me that we get the occasional snake in the back yard if the grass isn't kept short....I must admit this has had me checking the ground every time I step outside now!

As for the bloody mosquitoes, I am now popping a garlic tablet everyday, as folk have told me this puts them right off you, and so far it seems to have worked!

On Friday night I ventured out to get my hair done (with much trepidation after the last time). This place is called Allure in Downtown Dartmouth, my stylist's name Kim White (no relation). I put a lot of faith in her as I was having colour done as well as a cut BUT, to my absolute relief she really knew her stuff and did a great job, so thankfully I now have a regular place to go, the down side is, it's as pricey as the UK!!

I will take this opportunity to wish my dad a very happy birthday for tomorrow!!! I shall be thinking of you! I sent my dad a web cam which he is now making full use of on Skype!

Stonehurst Cove, one of my favourite photo spots

More bang for your buck in those days!

Who needs a lawn mower?!

Fisherman's Cove


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