Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day

I was off to a cracking start prior to my first day on the job. Yesterday I developed yet another eyelid infection went to the docs to get it checked out as it was really swollen and very sore. He said to just use ointment as I have done before and use a hot compress on it. Then I got back only to fall up our stairs at home, crashed down on my bad knee and I think I have badly bruised it as it is really painful, so all in all not a great start to the week.

Today I hobbled into Pete's for my first day. Met Olivia and did a bit of standard paperwork with her and got given my mall discount card which entitles me to 10 or 15% off goods in all the other outlets in Sunnyside Mall. Then I had a tour of the place, shop floor and upstairs, got introduced to loads of people who I instantly forgot the names of. Debbie is my mentor and trainer, she unfortunately was covering for someone on the shop floor, so rather than shuffle off home early I said I would go and muck in with her to get to know her. She is lovely. We baked bread (part baked I might add) and helped people on the decadence counter which has the most amazing cakes and sweets...mmmmm.

From about 12.30 we were both upstairs and she was showing me the ropes on the phones, I hated paging people, the sound of my voice is bad enough, let alone over a speaker system! I messed up a few calls as there are way too many things to remember and then we headed back to the floor where the hand scanner became my best friend. We checked for missing labels on the shelves, scanned the bar codes and requested labels, this info then gets stored upstairs on the system for us to print out. Also made a couple of signs for the shop floor and that was about it. Everything looks really complicated right now, but I figure it will get easier. The hand scanner was by far my favourite thing! All the staff seem really lovely there. One chap Craig is the new deli manager and he has only been there 3 weeks, he's Scottish and then there's Ben who is a New Zealander...So I am not the only immigrant in the place :o)


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