Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Well to be honest, I don't have much to write! Before the hurricane hit on Saturday the weather was as usual, hot and very calm, I left work and went home to get Rob and we headed to the lake for a swim, met up with Nancy and Brenda there and whilst cooling off we speculated about how bad the hurricane would be. Thankfully as you saw from my previous post, it wasn't as bad as we had previously feared.

Saturday Rob worked, I stayed in avoiding the wind outside. by late afternoon the worst had passed and the sun came out once again. This weekend was a long Bank Holiday weekend (Labour Day). Sunday we didn't do very much at all, I think to be honest we were both so tired from the lack of sleep last week caused by the intense heat. We popped down to Fisherman's Cove in the evening to watch the sunset and take a stroll on the boardwalk.

Bank Holiday Monday the weather was glorious again and we took a trip around the Peggy's Cove circuit. I never get tired of taking photos of that place, or in fact of the many, pretty little places on route.

Peggy's Cove itself was packed with bus loads of tourists, in all my times there I have never seen it so busy. Many people came to see how high the waves were after the hurricane, although they didn't look that bad to me.

About a week or so ago we had a family of deer wandering around outside. I was pre-guessing that they were to become more frequent visitors now as we approach October so I bought a load of (gone past their best) apples from Pete's bargain bin....Guess what, I haven't seen a deer since! Typical!

Yes it was busy there! 2 hours of cloning got rid of the tourists!

An overview of the Peggy's Harbour

The landscape surrounding Peggy's is really quite beautiful...
Bleak in winter I imagine, it reminds me a little of Dartmoor.


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