Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rain Stopped Play!

Wow, that's another week done and dusted. It certainly went by fast. Work was good, still learning loads, my brain aches most days from the amount of information going in. I make dumb ass mistakes which make me giggle at my stupidity! I just hope it all sinks in sooner rather than later. Vickie and I have had some fun this week, just chatting and getting to know more about the people there. She has a little draw every Friday (just cause it's Friday) and sells tickets to everyone in the place, I bought one and guess what...I won £40!

On the subject of money (not our favourite subject right now), a light came on on the dash this weekend. We didn't know why or what it was, so took it to Fairely Stevens, and got them to do the diagnostic thing on it. Turns out it's some cylinder that sits on top of the fuel tank that controls the flow of air and fuel that needs replacing. They have to get the part from the USA (no clue why as I thought Fords were pretty damn common) anyway including labour the bill is going to be nearly $700...That's $700 we really don't have right now!

Leaving that crappy news behind, we haven't really done much this weekend. The weather had been quite nice all week, sunny, with frosty mornings, but Friday, we had gusting winds of around 70km per hour and rain like you wouldn't believe. A ten minute drive took nearly 40 minutes to get home on Friday evening. Saturday the wind dropped but it has been pretty much grey and miserable since then, but we did manage to get out yesterday afternoon as the sun briefly made an appearance, the fall colours seem to have appeared almost overnight and the local parks and lakes look so pretty.

This week will be a short week for me as I am only working Mon-Thursday (half day) as dad and Marjorie arrive around tea time. I am so looking forward to showing them around and fingers crossed we get some better weather for their arrival.

So with my visitors I am not sure when my next update will be but whenever it I do get round to it, it will be full of news no doubt!

Oh and can I just say on an unrelated issue, I am loving this years Strictly! Last year was so dissapointing it's great to see a decent cast this time around! Scott, Matt and Pamela would have to be my faves so far!

Charles Lake

Shubie Park

Mic Mac Lake


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