Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving...And more Pumpkins

Wow, what a busy week it's been. Wednesday I made the most of my last free day before starting my new job. I Spent the afternoon at the lake, it was a beautiful day and a lovely sunset! I started my new job on Thursday, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. My mentor and the lady I will be working most closely with is Vickie who just great, we hit it off straight away. I went head first into training and learned that I have loads to learn :o) I took a ton of notes and the day past so quickly. The role is pretty varied and involves taking work orders over the phone and the counter, arranging pick ups and deliveries, cash sales, general admin and a whole load of other stuff that I can't remember yet. The hardest part will be getting to know all the sizes, prices and services for each job. But I have to say I really enjoyed the first two days.

Saturday Rob was working and I headed into the city via bus, to go see Jonathan, Marcel and Arthur (I also work with Marcel) and the other WWII re-enactors at the Citadel. Now for those of you who haven't visited Halifax, it's pretty much all up hill from the waterfront to the Citadel, I am proud to say I made it up there...just! There was much puffing and panting, but I got there. I met the lads there and took a few photos had a chat and found out more about the events they do etc. I trundled back down the hill and got the bus home around 4.30 pm.

Rob and I headed out with our friends Tom and Marg at about 8 pm. They had not seen the band Signal Hill before and the Lower Deck was as usual packed. The band were great as always, they did quite a few songs I had not heard them do before. Tom and Marg really enjoyed seeing them and loved the music. We left there around 1 am and I think we finally got to bed around 2.30 am.

Today we were up and out again, we went to see the Pumpkin Paddling Regatta, there were so many people there, the wind was biting and I think the temperature with wind chill was around 5 degrees. I don't think my hands have ever felt so cold. The event was funny and I had to admire all who entered, they have to be crazy! There was only partial sinking and one lady fell out of hers. There were three heats, 2 man pumpkins, motorized pumpkins and solo paddlers.

After we had finished there we headed to Kentville, a little like the Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival, Kentville hosts the Pumpkin People. As you enter the town there are all manner of pumpkin people along the roadside. I thought they were genius! All in all a very pumpkin day!

Tomorrow is a bank holiday as this weekend is Thanksgiving. As yet I have no plans accept to catch up on sleep. Rob is working! Which is quite unbelievable really, I mean who the heck is going to rent a UHaul van on Thanksgiving Monday? Plus he has never had to work any of the other bank holidays.

Rob had his results back for his exam this week and unfortunately he didn't pass. He didn't really expect to as I mentioned before as he had no 'on the job' experience. The paperwork did say though that he would be an asset to any company. He only failed on a couple of things and they recommended 3 months work experience.

The deer are starting to come round a little more now, got home the other day to see a baby one wandering around in front of the house, it trotted over to one of our neighbours front borders and started chewing one of the plants, which made me smile.

I have taken far too many photos this week, so instead of plopping them all in one after another I have made a widget instead, just click on the thumbnails to view larger and use the side arrows to move onto others.


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