Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After only a few hours sleep at my brother's house last night, we were up at 3 am and on our way to Heathrow by 4 am! I would be lying if I said I haven't found these last few days testing and emotional to say the least!

Once at Heathrow, with 3 trolleys fully loaded Clive, myself and Rob slowly wheeled our way to check-in...And you will never guess who we passed on route....Only Sir Bob Geldof!

I have a terrible habit of shrieking and pointing when I see someone famous, but mercifully I managed to control myself until he had passed, he saw me out the corner of his eye and slightly smiled, perhaps my wide-eyed, slightly manic expression amused him somewhat! It was an interesting start to the day especially as Rob and Clive didn't even notice him until I pointed him out.

Sir Bob looked very smart in a lovely grey suit, a far cry from his rag tag Boomtown days, I would even go so far as to say he looked quite handsome!

But enough of Bob, after check-in we had a bit of breakfast with my brother before bidding him farewell and then we were on our away. We arrived on time at around 12.30 pm. Since then we haven't stopped, we sorted out our National Insurance numbers, picked up our cheque books and sorted out our mobile phones. We are in a motel for a few days before moving into our rental, we should sign the lease tomorrow all being well.

Touch Down...Welcome to Nova Scotia!


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