Monday, May 31, 2010

A Night Out and an Eventful Day

So last night we went out to see the band Signal Hill. It was a late one! The Lower Deck where they were playing was packed to the gills. Robert and I met two lovely ladies visiting from Alberta, Brenda and Linda, they weren't aware there was entertainment until I told them and they stayed for the band and I am pretty sure they loved them as much as I did! It was a great night, the atmosphere was excellent, so noisy though, I was left with a ringing in my ears afterwards.

Taken amongst the Historic Properties on the waterfront
around 8pm last night

Signal Hill and a bunch of heads...Not the best picture I know!

Today we headed back to the Ford Dealership to let them know that we want the car. We should finalise the purchase tomorrow. Whilst we were there last time we asked if there was any chance of a job for me taking photos of the cars in the lot and Corey our extremely helpful and kind salesman, said he would have a word with the boss. Today I met with the boss Dan and I start there next Monday doing a few hours a week, not sure how many yet, maybe two or three days possibly. I have no clue what they will pay me, I think it's a 'play it by ear' thing, but one thing's for sure, they all seem really nice in there and the dealership is literally a stones throw from our place.

We spent the rest of the day getting our health cards and trying to find a doctor to register with. No luck as yet on the doctor front. We did however manage to get a vet for Hamish.

Finally we did our first big shop and got some food in. We actually had a healthy meal for the first time in days!


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