Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We have Wheels!

A very productive day today, went to the bank first thing to pick up a cheque for our car. Finally managed to find a doctor who was taking on new patients (they seem to be a bit thin on the ground). However unlike the UK there are masses of 'walk in' clinics all over the place, so if you need to see a doctor quickly rather waiting for an appointment at your family practice you can get seen by a duty doctor at a 'walk in' clinic.

We also got ourselves a dentist and then went to see the Blue Cross insurance people to apply for an additional plan which will cover prescription medications, vision, dental and travel. This is a supplementary plan to the health service which provides free medical treatment provided by the government. Once we get full time jobs, most work places provide these benefits on a group basis at which point we can suspend our private plan.

Next we took back our hire car and waited for Corey to pick us up and take us to the dealership where we paid for our new car. We have a temporary registration for now until we register it at the DMV and get our plates and sticker. It's definitely a step up from the old Astra :o)

In other breaking news, I think I figured out how to work the tumble dryer and I may have found a hairdresser to try out. I just hope they can do as good as Andrew (hope you are reading this!)

Our new motor


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