Friday, June 25, 2010

Sick Note and Birthday Wishes!

Just a quick update, as I don't have much to report. Rob and I spent most of yesterday and the day before looking for and researching jobs. I cold called a few design places and sent them over my details, although they may not come to much now, a couple got back to me and said they would keep me in mind which was encouraging.

Rob has an interview for a part time job at a printers on Tuesday, late shifts. Before he did plumbing and heating he used work on the printing machines at a local printer, so he is definitely what they are looking for, fingers crossed there.

I think the toll of moving finally poured out of my body this morning, sore throat, bad ear and other things that resulted in a trip to the doctor. I am back on antibiotics and the the doc said my ear is so packed full of hard wax I must get it syringed in about a weeks time. So that's to look forward to!

We went back down to the park tonight as it was such a nice evening and I now have another ton of Squirrel shots. I do love them!!

First haircut is looming in the morning, and if the weather stays nice, we might take a drive out to a few places over the weekend.

Big Birthday wishes to my friend Kim who will be turning the big 40 in a few days! Hope you and the girls have a great night. Thinking of you all.

Sneaky Snack Break!


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