Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day on the Lot

Big day for me today, my first at the Ford Dealership. Boy oh boy am I tired!
Quite the change from sitting behind a desk all day. The weather was beautiful and I have been out in the sunshine all day. I shot around 11 vehicles, doesn't sound like much but when you think that each one has to have around 35 images taken inside and out in a 360 walk-round that's a lot of maneuvering, walking, dropping seats down etc.

Met a few more folks today, Trina was the lady who showed me the ropes, she's lovely and a laugh, she loves my use of the words 'kanckered' and 'loo' Sherry is the used car sales manager who found my garden kneeling pad in the conference room and thought someone had come in to do some gardening, which in itself is confusing as they have no garden! (In case you are wondering I took the kneeling pad in just in case I had to get down and dirty whilst shooting the tires)...Luckily I don't.

I had lunch with Darcy and Will, 2 younger lads, who have a passion for KFC. Corey was of course there and a friendly face to chat with and help me out. There are over 100 people working there in Sales, Service and the Repair Shop, so it will be a miracle if I remember all the names.

So anyway, again for those of you who know me and my driving capabilities not to mention my lack of confidence behind the wheel you will be astonished to hear that I drove all 11 vehicles today ranging from a Kia to a huge Explorer, I hit nothing and even reverse parked the Explorer back into it's slot...Nothing short of miraculous! Especially as the gear thing was on the steering wheel! All good practice for my driving test!

Rob had a busy day too he signed up with a temporary work agency which entailed a lengthy a health and safety test (I think these are standard with the temping places), so hopefully he should get some odd jobs coming through. He did some weeding out back and met our neighbour, sorted out a ton of post that needing sending and remembered to take my washing out of the machine, booked his practical driving test for July 8, oh and he got in touch with the woman who hit our car yesterday and she said she is now going to claim our expenses on her insurance.

I shall be back on the lot tomorrow and then hopefully our stuff should be arriving which should sort out the rest of the weeks activities.

Fairley & Stevens Ford Dealership - Used Lot End (my cars!)


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