Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bears, Camels and Squirrels!

Can't honestly say we have been up to much in the last couple of days since my last post. Just mundane stuff like practicing my driving. I tried to follow a student out on their test from the place where I will be taking mine, but sadly and stupidly I followed the wrong car!

Went into work today on the lot, not much doing, Dan the boss has been off sick so no new cars from auction, just did a couple and came home.

Rob had a meeting with Metro Burners today and he is hopefully going to be going out to learn a few bits with some of the engineers in a couple of weeks. There is likely to be a job for him in August, in the meantime he will be hoping to pick up some part time work.

I am also on the look out for jobs and have applied for one, which is just for a couple of months full time, but should I get a sniff at it, then it could lead to something more perhaps. More on that if I hear back from them.

News from the Metro today...Bear spotted running around people's back gardens in Bedford. (Not too far away from us). Experts think that the poor thing is lost and is tyring to find its way back to another area slightly further out called Hammonds Plains. Lets hope they catch and take it back!

In other news my friend Rosy told me of a story about a trucker who was transporting a tiger and 2 camels from Nova Scotia Zoo to another facility. The trucker took a break and while he was gone his truck was stolen. Imagine that, when the robbers opened the back! Anyway all's well that ends well, as on Breakfast TV this morning, they said the truck had been found and the animals were safe and well. The hunt continues for the culprits.

We had dinner early tonight and joined the joggers and the speed walkers in Point Pleasant Park...And NO, before anyone thinks it, I wasn't wearing a tracksuit and didn't contemplate anything more strenuous than a slow stroll!! That really would be a step too far!

Point Pleasant Park is lovely, a very nice place to spend some time along the waterfront, plenty of squirrels to keep me and my camera occupied!!

I like to think he understood the meaning of 'stay still cutie!'

But then again, maybe he just thought I was one of his kind as
my hair seems to match his fur!

Shipping Out, a US Liner leaving Halifax.


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