Friday, June 11, 2010

How Much Stuff???!!

Apologies for no blog update yesterday, simply no time and even if there was I couldn't have got to the laptop as the room was completely full of boxes.

As you may have guessed from my previous statement our container arrived yesterday, it arrived at about 9 am with 2 very polite chaps (Donnie and Jamie) unloading and dumping the boxes in relevant rooms. Rob and I started unpacking and literally haven't stopped since. The 'boxes in' process speeded up in the afternoon as 2 more men arrived and helped unload faster, which just made me depressed at the enormity of the the task ahead.

After the movers left, Rob and I kept going till late in the evening and only seemed to scratch the surface. Today seems a little better we have made headway and I am typing this entry from my own PC which is now up and running. I hope to get the bulk of it done by tomorrow as the weather is too nice to be stuck inside. All that space we had, now seems completely filled and finding places to put stuff has proved a nightmare so far.

Hamish was extremely happy to be reunited with his favourite chair. no sooner had it arrived than he was up on the back of it kipping! I wish I was him right now!

And here they come!

Hamish finds peace on his favourite chair!


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