Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY and Fish & Chips

Had a lazy start to the day. Staples called and said the desk I ordered yesterday wouldn't be with us until Monday which was a bit of a downer, then less than an hour later a delivery man turned up with it! Rob set about putting it together, 6 hours later he was still going...So many pieces and screws complete with crappy flat pack instructions that always make no sense. I have taken a 'before' image and planned to take an 'after' image, but it got so late they will have to wait until tomorrow.

As it was such a lovely evening we decided to go back to Eastern Passage and Fisherman's Cove. We had a great dinner at Wharf Wraps restaurant. tasty food!! Such a lovely little place.

Since returning home Rob has been hammering away again upstairs, I shall venture up there shortly and view the results :o)

A view of Halifax from Downtown Dartmouth

Wharf Wraps Restaurant, Fisherman's Cove

Looking back towards Halifax and Dartmouth from Fisherman's Cove


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