Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bits and Pieces

It's been a busy couple of days, but if you ask me what we've been doing I really don't know. Sunday we had a rest and did as little as possible. I was due to go to work on Monday but the forecast was rain, so I postponed until today. So instead, yesterday we did a few chores and checked out a pretty good thrift shop. That's the beauty of picking your own schedule!

Today was lovely and sunny, just a bit breezy on the car lot. Drove all kinds of vehicles today, and for a woman who cannot reverse park to save her life I must say I am am doing an okay job. They might not be straight but at least they are in the slots :o)

I am now doing half my job from home, which involves re-sizing the images naming them all and uploading them to the website. The nice thing is again, I can pick and choose when I do it, so I left the lot at around 2.30 pm today when I couldn't find anymore keys, then went shopping with Rob before heading home and doing a couple of hours work on the PC.

Rob was busy round the house today, more organizing down in the basement, sorted out all my dreadful cables under the office desk and went to check out where he will be taking his driving test on Wednesday. In order to get a quicker date he opted to take the test on the Halifax side of the Harbour, which I personally think is harder than the Dartmouth side (where I am taking mine).

I took the plunge and booked a haircut for a couple of weeks time. I do feel sorry for them! My hair has gone to pot since arriving here, it was bad enough before but with the soft water here it now has the texture of baby hair!

I taught Trina the words Numpty, Pleb and Pillock today at work, her slang is coming along nicely!

Yet another truck I had trouble getting my short legs up into :o)


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