Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was full of ups and downs. I was supposed to start my job at the dealership this morning but the weather was so bad I decided to wait until tomorrow. That said over the course of today the weather has brightened up and is now sunny outside. As they say here, if you don't like the weather wait five minutes! We saw our first deer in the back yard today...well the woods behind the back yard, I was so excited I couldn't get a decent picture, will try harder next time. Apparently they are not around much now, but are everywhere on our estate in October to April I have been told, so I am looking forward to that and feeding them of course.

I got to talk to my dad, Marjorie and Clive this morning on Skype which was fun. It was the first time I have spoken to dad since moving over. Hope you enjoyed the tour via web cam and my bad morning hair!

We got a call from the freight people telling us that our container is due in port tonight. So we headed on over to the office to do the paperwork to clear customs. This involved them giving us a form and then us trekking down town to Halifax and getting it stamped and then returning it to the freight office. All being well we should take delivery on Thursday...And I am sooo not looking forward to all that unpacking!

After completing that task I was hungry as it was lunchtime so we went for a Subway, no sooner had Rob pulled into the parking area than this woman backed out of a space at what seemed like warp speed into the front of our car. YES! I KNOW! This didn't make us happy at all, fortunately the damage in pretty minimal, she gave us her details and we went off to get a quote to get it fixed, the damage is around $700 including the price of a rental car for the time it will take to get patched up. I think she will most likely pay for the damage rather than claim on her insurance. FYI she didn't look behind her at all when she was reversing.

This brings me neatly on to what happened next, for days Rob and I have been studying our NS drivers handbook. We have to take a theory and and a practical to qualify for our NS license (after 90 days here you cannot drive on a UK license...In actual fact the insurance company want you to take the test within 1-2 months to keep our insurance). We decided to take our theory tests today! I was so nervous and felt completely unprepared. I think Rob was a little more confident than I was. Anyhow we paid the fee and took the test at the DMV and I passed (only 3 questions wrong) Rob finished after I did and to be fair I do think some of his questions were a little harder than mine, he squeaked in with 5 wrong answers (you are only allowed 4 wrong, but they could see that he had changed his mind on one and let him have it). We then paid more money for our exam fee (for the practical) and can now just ring up and book that when we are ready. I personally need a bit more practice yet, so maybe in a couple of weeks.

After the test we went food shopping again, since getting home I have made some butterscotch jello pudding with manderin pieces chucked in for good measure (hope it tastes okay!) I also made some strawberry jelly, with strawberries in it...If you know me at all this is quite some feat for me as I avoid the kitchen at all costs!

So all in all and interesting and stressful day!

Apologies for no blog entry yesterday. Rain stopped play and we literally did nothing all day. It was however a day for phone calls. Rob's mum phoned, my friend Sarah phoned and my flickr friend Rosy called from Montreal. It was great to finally speak to her in person having communicated via flickr for so long. I think we spent a total of 3 hours on the phone...I think it's a fact that we are both talkers :o)


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